WBK Bank is closing accounts. The reason? Cannabis


WBK Bank is closing accounts. The reason? Cannabis

California legalizes recreational marijuana. Germany is recruiting cannabis specialists and biologists for the legalization of medical marijuana and the launch of cultivation. Mike Tyson grows weed and receives praise from local authorities for creating new jobs and Norway decriminalizes marijuana possession.

This is not the prologue of a fantasy story, just facts, reflecting current legal and cultural changes around the world.

Still, in Poland, many people involved in the cannabis industry face incredible adversity, making it difficult to do business properly and efficiently. Since WBK Bank is terminating the bank account agreement because of the operation of a restaurant offering hemp products, there is a veritable pathology.

While Youtube is full of violent music videos, vulgar vlogs or videos that epitomize violence and alcohol, the useful channel "I know what I'm doing" is blocked. Quite simply, similar channels, raising awareness and educating viewers about drugs, all over the world, are doing just fine, expanding their reach year after year.

Even CannabisNews faces similar obstructions from Facebook. Any articles, even scientific ones or interviews, have no chance for paid promotion. Facebook argues that we are promoting drug use. NARCOTICS!

Przemysław Zawadzki, owner of the "Filip z Konopi" restaurant in Warsaw, faced a similar problem. Facebook is also preventing him from conducting paid marketing campaigns on the site, explaining that it promotes drug use.

The aggrieved party himself about the situation:

"Recently there has been a lot of publicity about WBK terminating contracts with customers using cryptocurrencies. In the title picture, the termination with even more absurd and obviously untrue reasons.

No trial, no conviction, they know theirs. Soon MPWiK will be sending us letters with urine laboratory analyses.

And I wouldn't particularly blame Facebook, google, WBK or youtube here. They're just scared, and probably many of their employees are rolling funny cigarettes after work and reflecting on how mercilessly screwed up Polish law is."

Nothing more, nothing less.

Read more about the absurdities in our country here.

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