Serum a.k.a. TangiEro - Ero JWP with his own marijuana strain


Serum a.k.a. TangiEro - Ero JWP with his own marijuana strain

We have a cannabis news for you on full rap, Serum a.k.a. TangiEro, that's the name of the cannabis strain signed by one of the best Polish rappers - Ero JWP, which will soon go on sale. An energetic sativa with considerable potency and an incredible aroma and aftertaste of tangerines with a hint of chocolate, this is how in a few words one can describe the Serum, which was prepared for Eros by Teone420 together with Pan Pestka Crew. Here are more details.

Serum a.k.a. TangiEro - Ero JWP with his own strain of marijuana

Ero JWP is one of the most recognizable rappers in Poland, about whom you can safely say hip-hop man. Eros is also known for his love of weed, which he has expressed more than once on his numbers.

Elo professional growers, from here I send them greetings
Thanks for the flowers to my cottage from under the bulb
we have professionals who never give a lime
and in every industry Wieśków like from Blok Ekipa

-says Ero in the number "Fach" from the album "Alphabet"

Some time ago Eros proposed to create a strain of marijuana that would be signed with his name. Teone420 and Mr. Pestka Crew were invited to the project, and they immediately got to work, the result of which will be the Serum a.k.a. TangiEro strain.

Serum a.k.a. TangiEro is a combination of two genetics - California Orange Skunk and Chocolope. Both parent strains are hybrids with a strong Sativa dominance, and are highly energetic and inviting. The taste, smell and effect of Serum are very distinctive. It is an energetic combination of classic and modern with a sensational taste and aroma of tangerines and chocolate.

Medically, it will be great for people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety, and it also shows analgesic effects.

A preview of the seeds from Eros in video form can be found T U T A J

The seeds will be available from around mid-May in the Serum store and from Mr. Pestka Crew!