She offered weed for transportation, officers in civilian clothes


She offered weed for transportation, officers in civilian clothes

A 20-year-old resident of the village of Pionki wanted to get home from Radom. Near the train station, she asked two men for a ride, to whom she offered weed in return. To her misfortune, the young woman ended up at the police station instead of home.

She offered weed for a ride... to police officers in plain clothes

A very unlucky situation for a 20-year-old resident of Pionki occurred recently near the Radom train station. The young woman, looking for transportation home, approached two men. For a lift to Pionki, 30km away from Radom, she offered... marijuana.

Moments later, it turned out that the lack of transportation would be the least of her worries, as the men turned out to be police intelligence officers from the Patrol and Intervention Department of the Radom KMP.

The young woman ended her day at the police station. As you can guess, in addition to the mere possession of cannabis, the woman will also hear a charge of drugging, which makes her situation worse.

As a reminder, possession of marijuana for recreational purposes is prohibited by law in Poland. Giving narcotics to strangers is reckless, to say the least. In this country, only heavy drugs in a bottle of no less than half a liter, which are the cause of many diseases, tragedies and pathologies, are tolerated as a matter of gratitude, and are fully legal.