Anonymous testing of dried hemp already possible thanks to Cannalabs


Anonymous testing of dried hemp already possible thanks to Cannalabs

Regulations on hemp products are still not entirely clear. Exceeding the permissible value of 0.20% spends the sleep of many producers and distributors, but also users of hemp products. A laboratory from Gdansk, Cannalabs by EkotechLAB has found a solution to this. All you have to do is buy a bag with a unique number and send in it your material for testing. At the end, all that remains is to check the results of the analysis on the laboratory's website. Simple, easy and without any paperwork.

Anonymous testing of dried hemp is now possible thanks to Cannalabs

Tight standards often restrict the activities of manufacturers and importers of hemp-based products. The Anti-Drug Addiction Law sets a limit for the permissible content of the sum of delta-9-THC and delta-9-THCA at a maximum of 0.20%. Possession of dried cannabis that does not meet the legal requirements faces criminal liability the same as possession of black market marijuana. In other countries, the permissible value can vary, hence the occasional problems with transporting the goods across the border.

Testing for THC and other cannabinoid content

Medical marijuana users also often have doubts about whether they are taking a product with the right concentration of cannabinoids. Anyone who is unsure whether their dried product contains the right amount of THC, CBD or CBG can take advantage of an anonymous cannabinoid concentration test offered by Cannalabs by EkotechLAB. This is the first, and so far the only, such opportunity in Poland.

We are known for our flexible approach to our lab's clients. We see what their needs are and how their lives can be made even easier

says Marek Klein- the originator and implementer of the concept of anonymous testing of hemp products.

Cannalabs' anonymous testing of dried hemp products is constructed in such a way that it is impossible to determine who is the principal of the testing of a given sample.

The laboratory guarantees confidentiality and impartiality and performs services at the highest level - this is a constant. However, this was not enough for some clients, so the Cannalabs crew decided to allow anonymous testing, with access to their results.

How does this work and why is it so good?

Cannalabs' online store offers numbered sample bags. The price of the sample bag includes the cost of the test. The lab guarantees 100% anonymity, as the bag number sent to the customer is not recorded anywhere. The bag number is sent to the customer randomly. After the analysis is completed, we post the results on our website at

The results appear 5 days after the laboratory receives the sample and are available for 14 days. The pouch can be resold or given to someone as a gift, and the service can be used up to one year after purchase. Only bags purchased through the Cannalabs by EkotechLAB store are eligible for the service.