Fat Joints III - VNM and his harvest


Fat Joints III - VNM and his harvest

We recently reported on the reactivation of the legendary Grube Jointy project. On the other hand, a few days ago rap portals cited an anecdote about how Sokol saved VNM from a certain verbal slip-up in the lyrics, which we describe below. The two topics have one thing in common - the stanza that VNM talked about in the anecdote came from the song "Hash pie," which was produced by 600V and featured on the first edition of GJ. Moments earlier, however, a teaser of another number from VNM and 600V, which will be on Grube Jointy III, hit the web.

Grube Jointy III - VNM and his harvest

We recently reported on the reactivation of the Grube Jointy project and the ongoing work on the third edition of the legendary album. You'll read about it in T U T A J.

In connection with the fact that VNM will once again appear on the legendary Grube Jointy compilation, he shared with his fans a funny anecdote accompanying the creation of the lyrics to the number "Placek z Hashem."

A few days ago I wrote you that I'll be on the third Grube Joints compilation, and I guess this reminded me of a funny situation that happened during the creation of the number for the first of these compilations, "Placek z Haszem". I had one verse there, which sounded like "homeboy puts down the pad, toasted sausage and porridge," and when Sokol (with whom HiFi Banda and I were on the Prosto Mixtape 600V tour at the time) examined the pre-record of this number and heard this verse he said to me "you can't rewind this." I ask "why?" and he says "opie*dala sausage???", and I "well, yes, I mean that he eats sausage", and he tells me that "opie*dalać kiełbasa" means "opie*dalać pałę" I tell him that in Elbląg no one said that and that for me it is not a scorching verse at all, But after further consideration, I decided that AT ALL CAUSES I will change the line to the one you hear in the final version of the issue, which is "homeboy puts down the pad, immediately fry sausage and porridge," the sense of the sentence was preserved, and possible memes were spared. This begs the question - how is it in your cities with this toasting of sausage?

- wrote the rapper on his social media.

A few days earlier, a teaser of the next production from VNM and 600V, which will hit the Grube Joints III, hit the net.

The number Placek with Hashem on Volta's beat, which was included as a bonus on my debut album, originally came from the Grube Jointy compilation - as it happens, the third part of the compilation will soon see the light of day, and with it my new track Buh Baj, a fragment of which you'll hear in this announcement, MESSAGE!

-informed VNM

VNM - Harvest / Buh Baj prod. 600V - trailer

VNM - "Placek" prod. 600V