Commission's first public session on cannabis will be held today


Commission's first public session on cannabis will be held today

The European Commission will hold its first public session on hemp today at 2:30 pm. The session will be attended by representatives of the EC, delegations of EU member state ministries and representatives of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), as well as representatives of Europe's largest farmers' organization, Copa-Cogeca. The session will be broadcast live. Here is more information.

European Commission's first public session on hemp

Today's European Commission session on hemp is expected to cover aspects of the crop, food production, and the production of textiles, building materials and plastics. For the full agenda of the session, see T U T A J.

Guests invited to participate in the session include:

-Michael Scannell, Deputy Director General of the European Commission's Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development

-Stéphane Borderieux, vice-president of Copa Cogeca's working group on Flax and Hemp

-Daniel Kruse, CEO of Hempro International GmbH, Germany and president of EIHA

-Giuseppe Croce, president of the Italian hemp association Federcanapa

-Hervé Pottier, CAVAC, France

-Anthony de Mot, Isohemp, Belgium

-Marek Radwański, Ekotex, Poland

-Jean Marie Bourgeois Jaquet, Automotive Performance Materials, France

-Lucia Klauser, Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Administration, Switzerland

-Ted Haney, CEO of the Canadian Hemp Trade Association.

As a reminder, the session will be broadcast live and anyone can follow along.

Almost exactly one year ago, the EIHA association issued a Hemp Manifesto to European authorities, which you will find T U T AJ. The introduction to the hemp manifesto reads:

"The environmental disasters and health problems observed today are the price the world is paying for the negative effects of global economic development, greed and disregard for other forms of life. Nevertheless, in the face of recent events, societies seem to accept this and acknowledge that most of the threats we are now forced to face are direct consequences of our actions. A change in thinking must be translated into concrete projects and eventually into decisive action, because only a drastic paradigm shift can help us get off this dangerous path."

EIHA representatives are sure to address the topics in their manifesto from last year today.