Dutch Skun store reviews

Hi I've collected some reviews from forum.hasash.com, if you'd like to add a review of the store please add it in the comments or in the section of our store on the forums, we're on: forum.hasash.com trawka.org forum.nasionakonopi.pl growlike.pro/forum Liberation of marijuana "I recommend the store. I've shopped here many times and everything was fine with the seeds and they always throw in some freebies. Sometimes it happened that the package took a week." "For me, the store is the bomb, admittedly in other stores freebies are greater, but frequent promotions and a large selection puts this store in my first place. Ps. I never had a problem with germination of seeds from this seedshop. "I've ordered several times and for me it's all good. There are no misunderstandings because everything is packed in the original packaging, large selection, even a lot of seeds per piece. The only thing is that the outward offer is a little bit out of the ordinary, but as far as the store is concerned it's currently number 1 for me. Good discounts, shipping suits me, as well as the freebies, which you can say are standard, but apart from that they often have promotions in the form of extra seeds for each order. Well and some time ago they helped me buy a vaporizer through their store I recommend and regards. "Dutch is one of the most professional stores. Fact, the prices when there are no promotions are a few zlotys higher, but for this we get the assurance that we get fresh, well-stored good seeds for the collection. Regular customers have discount coupons anyway, you can always make a deal. And with promotions of 25-30% Dutch crushes the competition Everything is also transparent what we get, what freebies, etc. And if someone orders on Christmas at the last minute and cries because he got 2 working days later, he can only have his own complaints. "I personally recommend this seedbank on Christmas I made an order and there was no delay and in addition -30% by which I saved about 3 hundred. Generally it's a great coincidence because I was wondering whether to take the White Russian AF FEM and I got 7 pieces for free and to this T-shirt for which I thank you very much. A year ago when I ordered also went without any problems " Regards Tomek