Medical marijuana oil now available for purchase at pharmacies - prescription template and details


Medical marijuana oil now available for purchase at pharmacies - prescription template and details

Polish pharmacies now offer the possibility of filling prescriptions for medical marijuana oil. This is good news for several reasons, first and foremost because medical marijuana taken orally in the form of oil has a slightly different effect than smoking or vaporization, and for some diseases, this method of taking the drug has much better results. Many patients also have a problem with smoking or vaporization itself. Here are some important details for patients about the oil and a sample prescription.

Medical marijuana oil already available for purchase at pharmacies

The creation of medical marijuana oil was one of the first undertaken by Bartlomiej Zalewa, M.D., a pharmacist also known as Hemp Pharmacist. Bartlomiej is a pharmacist who saw the incredible medical potential inherent in hemp and decided to focus specifically on hemp medicine. When purchasing medical cannabis at Bartek's, patients will always receive a handful of information on, for example, storing the dried cannabis after opening the box or methods of ingestion, and he has also created an opportunity for patients to borrow medical-grade vaporizers.

Now, Hemp Pharmacist has gone a step further and has become the first to introduce medical marijuana oil for sale, as well as to prepare a prescription formula for making the oil.

Medical marijuana oil - basic information

First of all, it should be noted that the oil can be made from any variety of medical marijuana available in our country, some portals reported that it is only available from Red No 2 dried, which is not true - a pharmacist can make it from any available medical dried. Provided, of course, that he has the necessary knowledge and equipment.

The standard package contains 30 ml of oil, it is hemp oil always obtained from 10. grams of dried and then diluted in canola oil. The concentration fluctuates somewhat and depends primarily on the concentration of the active ingredient (THC) in a given batch of dried, so it is tested each time with a chromatograph, and its content is placed on the label. The concentration of THC in the finished oil is 3 - 4%.

Each oil is subjected to quantitative analysis by chromatographic technique , in order to give the precise content of cannabinoids.

Once the prescription is submitted for processing, the waiting time for the oil is 2 to 4 business days, while it may so happen that the oil will be available on the spot. The medicine in the form of medical marijuana oil can be ordered by phone by providing your pesel and prescription number.

For the moment, the oil is only available in Katowice on Misjonarzy Oblatów Street at the Premium-Lek pharmacy, where you can also meet Bartłomiej Zalewa for professional advice if needed, and at one of Dr. Max's pharmacies in Wroclaw, as soon as we determine exactly in which one - the text will be enriched with this information here.

Below are samples of prescriptions for medical marijuana oil, these are prescriptions for each of the medical dries currently available in pharmacies, the pattern should be presented to a doctor who does not know how to issue a prescription for this drug:

The price of the oil is movable and depends, among other things, on the starting price of the raw material (dried), it varies between 750-800 PLN for 30 ml of oil obtained always from 10 g. dried.