Hemp culinary: where to start?


Hemp culinary: where to start?

Hemp culinary has recently become a worldwide trend. However, this should come as no surprise, especially since consuming cannabis gives you a stronger "high" that lasts up to several hours, and allows you to consume all parts of the plant, (leaves, stems, roots). Eating MJ tops smoking in a much more important way than the intensity of the effect, namely, it is much less harmful than smoking (especially from a barrel). Thus, it takes away an important argument from all opponents of legalization.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind, and certain rules should be strictly followed. The first thing to keep in mind is careful dosage. It's easy to overdo it with eating MJ, and we're not always quite sure how much cannabinoids we're absorbing. Another important thing is decarboxylation.

DECARBOXYLATION is a chemical reaction in which a carboxyl group is removed from acids, salts and esters. This reaction usually results in the release of carbon dioxide. In the case of cannabis, it looks like this: when exposed to high heat, THCA (a carboxylic acid that is not psychoactive) is transformed into our favorite, phasic THC. The process of decarboxylation occurs partly during the drying of ganja, while during smoking, it occurs spontaneously. At home, decarboxylation is carried out like this:

We choose the ripest peaks, (or leaves, stems) which we crush finely. Put it on a baking sheet (you can line it with paper or foil) and put it in an oven preheated to 150 degrees C, for 10-12 minutes.

The boiling point of THC is 157 degrees C, so do not exceed it if you care about the phase. The boiling point of other important cannabinoids, is in most cases slightly higher (Cannabidiol 160-180C, Cannabinol 185C), so the risk of losing them is no longer so high.

The herb prepared in this way can be added to a dish that does not require heat treatment, or to create a great hemp tincture or other alcohol. Decarboxylation is also worth doing before preparing cannabutter, makumba, etc. This allows you to absorb more cannabinoids and get an even better effect.

Ready-made products - a glass of macumba (milk with THC) and cannabutterTHC

is a lipophilic substance, which means that it dissolves in fats, among other things. Food products such as butter, clarified butter, milk, cream, olive oil or coconut oil can therefore be used for extraction. A fantastic range of products from which you can conjure up tasty and nutritious dishes, which will regularly appear on the site.

Dawid Popielec