California Orange Skunk, or California tangerines from Mr. Pestka Crew


California Orange Skunk, or California tangerines from Mr. Pestka Crew

California Orange Skunk is a delicious 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain, also known as Orange Skunk or The Original Californian Orange Skunk, was created from a cross between California Orange and Skunk#1. Due to its brilliant tangerine flavor and aroma, it also goes by the name Tangie, which is short for Tangerine, meaning just tangerine.

California Orange Skunk, or California Tangerine from Mr. Pestka Crew - action.

This is a strain that is good for both day and night, its effects include mood enhancement and a strongly mental effect, stimulating creativity and propelling you into action. After some time, the effect turns into a relaxation of the whole body, but it is not lazy like with indica-type strains.

California Orange Skunk from Mr. Pestka Crew has an amazing aroma and aftertaste of tangerines, some describe its taste as tangerine with a combination of sunshine, California sunshine.

Medicinal uses

Orange Skunk can certainly improve mood, patients report that this strain is good for chronic stress or anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain. It is important to remember, however, that cannabis affects different people differently, and the effects will not be the same in every case. Patients with little experience with cannabis are advised to be cautious with dosage as it is a relatively potent strain.


Cali Orange Skunk is a variety that does not require much from the gardener, growing small and rarely exceeding 1m. in height, the flowers are relatively large and the amount of resin produced is well above average. Flowering lasts 70-75 days. During cultivation it is necessary to remember about filters due to the very intense aroma of the variety.

Seeds of this noble genetics can be found T U T A J.

The discussed genetics were used to create a cannabis strain for one of the best Polish rappers - Ero JWP. From a cross between California Orange Skunk and Chocolope, the SERUM TangiEro strain was created, you can read more about it T U T A J.

The text is informative and educational and is intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of non-fiber cannabis in Poland is prohibited and not encouraged.