Hemp Harvest on the most famous field in Poland juz this Saturday (10.09). You are welcome!


Hemp Harvest on the most famous field in Poland juz this Saturday (10.09). You are welcome!

Hemplab and Weednews.pl invite you to the Hemp Harvest at the most famous field in Poland, which is located between blocks of flats in Lublin. The field is notorious for its owner's failure to sell the land to a developer who was building a new housing development on neighboring lots. Instead of selling the land, the Lublin farmer preferred to continue cultivating it. And in this way, Lublin has a housing estate in the middle of which the land is cultivated normally. Every year, under the very windows of the residents, a classic harvest takes place. But this year is special - in the spring the field was sown with hemp. On the occasion of the harvest, the company Hemplab, which leased the field this year, has organized an educational part in cooperation with our portal. There will be panels, there will be educational rooms carved in hemp, there will be contests, and there will be an opportunity to pick and take hemp home. You are welcome!

Hemp Harvest on the most famous field in Poland this Saturday (10.09)

The most famous field of fiber hemp in Poland and beyond has been growing for more than three months between blocks of flats on ul: Berylowa and Jantarowa. The entire project is an investment by Hemplab, a company that cultivates and processes fiber hemp. The first historic hemp harvest between blocks in Lublin will take place on September 10 at 5 p.m. However, the harvest itself is not all that awaits visitors to the hemp field that day.

The event starts at 3 pm

The Hemp Harvest organized by Hemplab, in cooperation with the WeedNews.pl portal, will also include an educational part. Each participant will be able to gain valuable knowledge about hemp and its uses

There will be two panels on hemp:

1. hemp - plant of the future used in the past (45 min + 15 min for questions) - Jolanta Różycka, Szymon Włodarczyk (Hemplab) + special guest.
2nd Hemp - thousands of applications, hundreds of possibilities, dozens of benefits (45 min + 15 min for questions) - Marcin Marczak, Pawel "Teone" Lesniański, Szymon Wlodarczyk (Hemplab)

The panels will start at 15:00

But that's not all, visitors to the harvest will have the opportunity to peek into the educational rooms that will be carved into the hemp field. And what's in the rooms?

Room No. 1 - Hemp in everyday life
Room #2 - 20,000 uses of hemp
Room No. 3 - The world of hemp trivia

A registration form for the harvest is active at www.hemplab.ltd. Anyone who wants to participate (the event is for adults only) must sign up and receive an electronic participation voucher. Then, on the day of the harvest, he will be able to exchange this voucher for an entrance ticket and receive a "harvester's package" from the organizers (Update: the pool of "harvester's packages" has already run out).

You can find the event on FB at T U T A J