Mighty + Medic, a premium medical vaporizer - the best choice for patients


Mighty + Medic, a premium medical vaporizer - the best choice for patients

Medical Mighty + Medic Vaporizer is a device designed for inhalation for medical purposes. It is a well-known and appreciated for years Mighty made of certified composites for medical use. The Mighty generates a large amount of vapor - which is its greatest advantage. It is a device that is operated very easily and intuitively. It also comes with add-ons, which are very useful and significantly facilitate quick inhalation anytime and anywhere as it is a portable device that fits in the palm of your hand. Here's more information.

Mighty + Medic, a premium medical vaporizer - the best choice for patients

Mighty + Medic is a medical version of the well-known and highly-regarded vaporizer that is the Mighty made by Storz & Bickel. The difference between one and the other is that the version designed for medical inhalation is made of components certified for use in medical-grade equipment.

Mighty has been considered by far the best portable vaporizer for many years. Its biggest advantage and at the same time an advantage over the competition is the vapor generated by the device - there is a lot and definitely more of it than in other devices of this type.

Mighty + Medic is an incredibly simple and intuitive device to use - after turning it on, all you have to do is set the desired temperature using two buttons (up and down) and wait until the heater heats up and the device is ready for use, which it will signal with vibrations.

When you buy the Mighty + Medic, the kit includes essentials like a charger, spare strainers and a brush for cleaning the device, as well as a dry grinder and eight dosing capsules that hold up to 0.2 grams of dry (ground).

The capsules in the Mighty are a great solution. First of all, they make it much easier to inhale when away from home - the capsules can be refilled in advance, so that whenever necessary, one of them can be placed in the chamber and the device can be started - the application of the dry into the vaporizer then takes a few seconds and is very discreet.

Mighty + Medic has a patented hybrid heating system combining elements of induction and convection, as well as a cooling system for the generated vapor. It is designed to vaporize and then inhale active substances from cannabis flowers. The purpose of inhalation is to achieve the desired medical effect.

The device is designed for the inhaled use of medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor. It is designed for use at home, in a hospital or doctor's office. The device offers a highly effective, safe and fast-acting way to obtain medicinal active ingredients from the dried plant.

Additional supplementary kit

You can buy a practical kit for the device, which contains 40 capsules for the dryness and instruments to help you replenish them very quickly, which you can see in the graphic below. In the kit you will find all the things you need, such as an electronic scale for measuring the dried product, a very large grinder that can grind several grams at a time to fill 40 capsule chambers. There are a lot of capsules therefore it is a great solution for travel, vacations.

Using capsules in addition to convenience also makes the equipment simply less dirty.

Disadvantages: none in my opinion, the only thing that can be considered a minus is the dimensions - yes, this device is larger than most available portable vaporizers. However, its quality and the quality of the vapor generated are at a very high level, which compensates for the size. Of course, it is still a portable device that will easily fit into a kidney or a woman's purse.

The dual lithium-ion battery holds a long time and charges quickly with a universal USB-C charger.

My sentiments

Personally, as a cannabis therapy patient, I can't imagine choosing any other inhalation equipment than the Mighty + Medic. This is due to the fact that I have had the opportunity to use many portable vaporizers and none were able to generate such quantities of vapor. Very practical, as well as making it easier to use, is the use of capsules, which you can always have on hand and, if necessary, in a few seconds and very discreetly replace the dry cartridge with a new one. The capsules are designed so that replacing them even in a crowded place is discreet. I sincerely recommend any person using cannabis therapy.

Medical equipment for vaporization can also be rented - such a service is offered by quite a few pharmacies. When buying dried (if you do not have the device), it is worth asking your pharmacist about this possibility.

Remember: vaporization is the most effective and best inhaled form of taking medical marijuana.